Motivated Yet?

Okay, you look around and see America becoming fatter and fatter.  You’ve heard the frightening statistics about the increase in heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure in this country.  How has it affected you?  Are you one of the millions who routinely rely on fast-food’s empty calories to satisfy yourself in an over-stressed world?  Have you put on a few too many pounds and get too little exercise?  Be honest with yourself.  Do you want to do something about your fitness program?  You should, because it’s your life we’re talking about here and you’re the only one who can do something about it.

Fitness motivation

You have to have the motivation to take action or nothing will change, except you’ll get worse.  Motivation can come from many different sources and you need to consider as many as possible in order to find the ones with which you connect personally.  Remember, we’re only talking about addressing two things in your life…….exercise and nutrition.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re totally out of shape and severely overweight or you’re an active athlete trying to get to the next level, these two components are the fundamental keys for a good fitness.  Let’s face it, in this world, your health is paramount.  Without it, you die and nothing else matters.  Don’t you think something so important deserves your attention?

Fitness steps

The first step is to make exercise and nutrition a priority in your daily thought fitness process.  The things you focus on during the day tend to expand in your life.  Just thinking about a new approach to exercise and diet will begin the manifestation process.  Visualize yourself setting aside the necessary time to get some exercise in and try to really experience the benefits you’ll feel.  See yourself making healthier food choices.  There are super nutritional, low calorie foods and supplements that will satisfy you, stem your appetite, aid digestion, help you lose weight and are easier to consume than a visit to a fast food chain.

The conclusion about fitness

You can set aside the time to exercise, if you want to have good fitness condition.  You can make healthier food choices, if you want to.  Make the decision today that you’re worth it, deserve it and you’re going to do something about it.

God Bless



Take Action for Fitness

Fitness Action

Think back on the times when you were in the best shape.  How did you feel?  What was life like?  My guess is things were going pretty well in general.  You were in good shape because you took the time to fitness exercise.  As a kid, you took the time to “play” and ran around without giving it much thought because it was fun.  Perhaps as an older athlete you were part of a team and were motivated to be the best you could be, which took practice.  The point is you had a reason to set aside the time and you took action.


Fitness for all

As we get older, life gets in the way.  We tend not to “play” as much and the motivation for being in good shape seems to progressively dissipate.  We put on a few pounds here and there over time and the further “out” of shape we get, the task of taking action to get back into shape becomes more daunting.  The fact is, if you want to truly enjoy life and get the most out of it, your physical health is paramount.  It is absolutely foundational to the rest of your life!  And what is even more important is your understanding that the decision to be fit rests solely with YOU.

You can start fitness right now

So where do you start to make fitness?  Start by making the decision that your physical well-being is critical, critical to you and your loved ones.  Then take action!

“Action is the fundamental key to all success”

                                                       —  Pablo Picasso

In this case, the action should be reflecting on what your life could be like if you were in better shape.  Picture yourself with more strength, better stamina, less weight, increased flexibility and fewer ailments.  What could you do?  What would you do?  Fully commit yourself to the idea that your life would be better if you were healthier.  From this point, you can then craft a reasonable plan to get yourself to where you’ve imagined. This is the best fitness formula.

God Bless

What’s It All About?

What about fitness?

This blog is targeted for aging athletes who, for whatever reason, have lost their edge and are looking for an effective way to regain or surpass their former health and appearance while, at the same time, they may be searching for an opportunity to reinvent themselves or make a change that will improve their financial security. This blog is for all those who want to learn more about fitness.

My fitness experience

My promise is to help guide you in becoming the healthiest you can be by sharing my personal journey and exploring unique, engaging and proven plans of exercise and nutrition for fitness.  I will also share my mixed experiences in searching for a meaningful, productive and lucrative business opportunity that helps people and provides the flexibility most of us want at this stage in fitness life.

fitnessWith heart disease, diabetes and obesity running rampant and the economy in ruins, the need has never been greater for a reputable and effective solution to these health issues while, at the same time, providing a proven plan for personal financial security. Like me, I’m sure you’ve been through the disappointment and frustration of trying to find a fulfilling, socially responsible full or part-time business opportunity, especially online, that is dependent entirely on your personal capabilities, drive and commitment.

Fitness – the idea

My hope is to help you avoid all the scams out there that will suck up your time with their hype and false promises in both the health and financial arenas.  Please be vocal and make this blog an interactive experience.  My mission is to be helpful and your input is critical to my knowing what is most relevant for you.

God Bless