Cooked Meat & Breast Cancer

cooked meat and cancer

Collectively, these studies were a real eye-opener for me.  My sensitivity to the causes and proliferation of breast cancer has been heightened by the disease striking a close friend I’ve known for 60 years who also happens to be male.  Researchers have found that cooked meat, poultry and fish result in higher concentrations of PhIP in the body, a heterocyclic amine (HCA) that both causes and promotes breast cancer.  As you will see in the video below, an elevated level of PhIP can have the same perilous impact on breast cancer as taking straight estrogen:

Once again, you need to be asking yourself the question: “Is eating cooked meat worth the obvious and clinically proven health risk?”  Nutritionally, you don’t need to so it comes down to a choice between effective breast cancer prevention/treatment and indulging your taste buds.  Choose wisely, your life could depend on it.

God bless

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