Dealing With Cancer

Stop CancerI’d like to share with you a dilemma that hopefully will spark some feedback and perhaps amplify the message that cancer can be prevented and treated most effectively by our bodies’ own natural defense systems.  The fact is we are all fighting cancer constantly, day and night, through the innate function of our subconscious, complicated immune systems.  Rogue cells pop up naturally in the body’s process of continually replenishing the millions upon millions of cells that make up our physical selves.  These rogue cancer cells have an inherent survival mechanism that has them competing with our normal, healthy cells for both nourishment and physical space.  Unchecked, the cancer can spread and have the devastating effects we have all become too used to experiencing; tumors that eventually make it impossible for our bodies to continue vital functions.  Normally, our immune systems are functioning properly and these rogue cancer cells are identified and killed, but environmental factors can sometimes interfere and compromise the immune system’s effectiveness, allowing cancer to take hold.  Of the myriad factors that can play a role in the effectiveness of your immune system, nutrition has been scientifically proven to have a profound, selective effect.  The food you eat can result in either the material fortification of your immune system or the actual fueling and acceleration of cancer cell growth.

So, back to the dilemma.  Armed with this knowledge about the impact nutrition can have on both the prevention and treatment of cancer, to what extent do you go to try to get this message across to someone being treated for the disease?  The situation is more complicated in that this person is a nurse with whom I only have a nodding acquaintance in the Emergency Department where I volunteer.  I know she is going through the standard medical approach of chemotherapy, which is counter-intuitive to the immune system argument because it basically requires heavy doses of poison, further compromising the immune system with the hope that the cancer cells will die faster than the rest of you.  However, the clinical data are now pointing to nutrition as being a more effective, safe and less costly treatment protocol.  I thought about slipping an anonymous note on her desk with the titles of several documentaries making the case, like Forks Over Knives, Food Matters, The Beautiful Truth,  Hungry For Change and Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead, but haven’t had the opportunity yet.  On the one hand, I don’t want to offend her because most of these sources also emphasize the ancillary benefit of losing weight and my guess is she would currently be considered obese using the Body Mass Index (“BMI”).  However, on the other hand, we’re talking about life and death here and there is a large part of me that believes she deserves to at least be educated, after which she can make her own decision.

survivors_guideWhat I have decided to do, and this could be relevant to those of you in a similar situation, is to share a copy of “The Cancer Survivor’s Guide“, a scientifically-based publication by a group of doctors that not only makes the case for nutrition as an effective cancer treatment, but is also a practical guide on exactly what to do.  Armed with this information as a base, she can then make a personal decision to continue the investigation.   You can download your own copy of this valuable resource here.

God bless.


One thought on “Dealing With Cancer

  1. lace444 says:

    I think you found the perfect solution! She is lucky to know an educated person who cares about helping her! Proud of you!! Your Lace

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