2,400 Year-Old Health Advice: New?

food as medicine

I have often used this quote by Hippocrates to underscore how this sage advice has withstood the test of time.  Despite the fact that, as a society, we seem to have disconnected from his message and chronic diseases and obesity are running rampant, it is perhaps the most important principle in managing our own health.  I was amused by the title of a recent article written by T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., the Jacob Gould Schurman Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry (Cornell) and author of The China Study, Startling Implications for Diet, and Weight Loss and Long Term Health.  Keeping in mind what Hippocrates said more than 2,400 years ago, Dr. Campbell is still beating the drum, but now with significant clinical evidence to back it up:

“Why Ordinary Food Will Be the New Medicine of the Future”

People who live by Hippocrates’ tenet will get the joke, unfortunately for a lot of others who have been brainwashed by the food and pharmaceutical industries, the message Dr. Campbell shares below will be, in fact, “new“:

“An impressive body of evidence now shows that a whole food, plant-based (WFPB) diet produces profound effects like reversing and treating heart disease, diabetes and many other ailments and chronic pains. Other evidence suggests similar effects on cancers. These outcomes are much more than I once thought, especially concerning my having come from a family farm and milking cows then doing graduate work to “prove” that the high-protein, high-fat animal-based foods diet was best for our health. I succeeded only in proving myself wrong.

foodmedicineUnfortunately, this WFPB strategy has long been a secret, perhaps the best-kept secret in medical history. Remarkably, it can treat and reverse existing ailments (quickly) as well as to prevent future ailments. No other diet plan comes close, especially those of the low carb ilk.

It is time to reject frivolous arguments to the contrary. If there is merit to alternative hypotheses, it is time to use them to prove wrong those of us in the profession who have studied and used this approach to solve illness. It’s time for the naysayers to show that they can do better if they wish to be heard.

food as medicineThe stakes are now too high to allow for self-serving interests paving our way to health. We have imposing problems, many tracing their origins to food choice. Health care costs, environmental degradation and unnecessary ethical behavior head a list of impending crises that must be resolved for the sake of our humanity and our planet.”

God bless

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