Dealing With Family

frustrationHere’s some particularly insightful advice on how to make your holiday family gatherings more enjoyable and peaceful.  Wayne Dyer’s premise here is critical in that the most effective way to change the dynamics of any relationship is to work on the only thing over which you have control…..yourself!

Relative Bliss


Many years ago, when the holiday season arrived and certain relatives were due to make their annual appearance, I felt a sense of increasing dread. Far too many of us suffer from the pain of family get-togethers, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Somehow we allow the expectations and demands of our family members to be the source of so much unhappiness and stress, when what we really want is to be authentically ourselves and at peace with our relatives. The conflict seems too often to be a choice between being authentic, which means no peace with certain relatives, or having peace at the price of being inauthentic. Being peaceful and authentic can define your relationship with your relatives. First, though, you may have to assess your relationship with the closest relative of all—you.

In order to change the nature of family relationships, you’ll have to change your mind about them and consider that you are the source of the anguish in your relationships, rather than the individual whom you’ve pegged as the most outrageous, the most despicable, or the most infuriating. Over the years, all of these individuals have been treating you exactly as you’ve allowed them to with your reactions and behaviors. This can miraculously change when you choose to be at peace with everyone in your life—most particularly, your relatives.

If the focus of your inner dialogue about your family members is on what they’re doing that’s wrong, then that’s precisely how your relationship with them will be experienced. If your inner speech centers on what’s annoying about them, that’s what you’ll notice. But if you’re thinking, I am authentic and peaceful with this relative, then that’s what you’ll experience—even if that relative continues to be exactly the way he or she has always been.

group hugThe key to having peace in all your family relationships is forgiveness. Your relatives are simply doing what they’ve been taught to do over a lifetime, and the lifetimes of many of their ancestors. Shower them with understanding and forgiveness from your heart. Rather than being in a state of non-peace concerning any family members, say a prayer of gratitude for their presence in your life and all that they have come to teach you.

MerryChristmasThe likelihood is great that you’ll see dramatic changes in your relatives as you teach them with your own persona how you intend to be treated. But if they don’t change, and if they continue their nonpeaceful ways, let go of your need to see them transformed. It all works in divine order, and the saying Let go and let God guarantees your own peace, and you dramatically increase the odds of helping others to do the same.

Merry Christmas and God bless

Got $5.00? Buy Some Peace

route to peaceToday is Good Friday, recognized as the day more than 2,000 years ago that Jesus Christ was crucified.  Even secular scholars, historians and archaeologists now generally agree that, based on all the historical evidence, this event did, in fact, take place.  Regardless of your spiritual inclinations, if any, it was not our finest hour as human beings, to say the least.  For the Romans , Jews and Christ-followers, this was a day marked with overwhelming chaos; for different reasons and to varying degrees, yes, but undeniably tumultuous and turbulent.

Fast forward two centuries and think about the chaos in our own lives today.  Not to suggest that it’s in any way comparable in magnitude to the crucifixion,  but nevertheless, our over-committed, multitasking, chaotic lifestyle has become a serious modern-day threat to our health and peace of mind.  In an attempt to help take a little pressure off, and consistent with keeping things a little lighter here on Fridays, I want to introduce you to a website that allows you to outsource some of your responsibilities………….for only $5!!

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Have a happy and blessed Easter weekend.